Our favourite Uber driver Sanjay would never try to pull a stunt like this. Fancy getting a bill for $150 for cleaning up the proverbial ‘case of beer and a pizza’ when nobody vomited in the car in the first place?

NewsCorp says that Uber drivers are using fake vomit in order to scam passengers to make more money, an insider has claimed.

The Australian man, who spoke to News Corp on condition of anonymity, claimed drivers were boasting about the profits they were making from various scams on an online forum especially for Uber drivers.

He claims the drivers are even trading tips and techniques on how they can better rip off passengers.

The man told News Corp the most “common scam that is bragged about on forums like Uberpeople.net” is one which sees innocent passengers charged a $150 cleaning fee for a fake mess. The Daily Mail has a good description of this scam.

Beware. Have you been ripped off like this by Uber or Lyft? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Above: This bloke must have had a strainer handy. Below: almost made it.

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